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God is always telling people to do crazy things. Like cut off their baby's foreskin, never eat beef, never eat pork, never eat during certain hours of certain months, cover women from head to toe, spin or dance until they fall down exhausted, throw people into volcanoes, kill people who have sex with the wrong people, cut off women's private parts, close stores and offices on certain holy days, eat his son's body and drink his son's blood, never cut a man's hair or shave his beard, get down on their knees and mutter things in various languages, worship the president of Ethiopia, get blessed by an elephant, don't allow women to drive cars, don't drive cars, don't use electricity, don't use machines, smoke lots of weed, never smoke weed, never drink alcohol, don't eat spicy foods, don't eat yeast, do drink Kool-Aid with poison in it. :o
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