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Yes!  Anti-Bush folks like me were not just in opposition to a president and his policies. We were traitors who hated America and wanted terrorists to destroy the country and kill our troops.  We did not deserve to live in this great country, or at all.

Country stars who dared question Bush found that nobody would play their records on country radio. If they were politicians, they got primaried. They were never allowed to go on the pundit shows, at least in the US. People like Van Jones lost their jobs and/or got lambasted 24-7 on Fox and Limbo.

People like Al Gore found themselves lied about on blogs and then the same lies magically appeared on the mainstream news.  Carefully edited snippets of speeches, saying the opposite of what was actually said, were used to smear people like Shirley Sherrod.  Remember how Dan Rather was treated? The messenger was relentlessly attacked for the message.

That was the behavior of a dictatorship, not a democracy. :P
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