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I never give blood because I get super dizzy and tired.  I have pretty low blood pressure naturally, not sure if it is related.  I also have AB+ blood, which I think is pretty much the least useful kind in a blood bank (like no one but someone else with AB+ could use it, and there arent' a lot of us)  so I use that to assuage my conscience...

When I was young (younger than 11, don't remember exact age) I had to go to this place outside Miami so they could remove a shitload of my blood. Apparently, my doctor said I had too much blood, or something. What I do remember is them starting on my right arm, then 6+ hours later they started on my left.

I've given enough of my blood to last three lifetimes. It ain't ever happening again.


My FIL had that condition, I think. Something like the opposite of anemia. They had to draw off a bunch of his blood regularly at a local blood bank. Then again, there was this guy who worked there who looked an awful lot like Robert Pattinson..... :o
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