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JB, you are getting upset because you see the word "ignorance" and think you are being attacked. You are not. Ignorance just means "not knowing". Arguments based on feelings, not necessarily based on knowing facts, leads to defending something that you believe, but don't know.

I am pretty ignorant about a lot of things: nuclear physics, the history of the Russian language, the Seinfeld show, golf. I don't know much about them, so I am ignorant about them. It does not mean I am less of a person or stupid. But since I don't know much about them, I have to be careful about making blanket statements about them.

A golfer is trying to explain the principles of the game to me. I say that I don't accept their explanation: "I can't imagine how Tiger Woods hits a golf ball that far and gets it into the right place, so I'll just say it's by elf magic."[1] That would be defined as an argument from ignorance. I don't know any facts, so I make something up that sounds right to me. If I don't care whether my statement is true or not (it just feels right to me, so I believe it is true) I will remain ignorant about golf.

You can only imagine how I would come off debating about golf on a website full of golfers, keeping to my elf magic argument and refusing to seriously consider what they try to tell me about golf.... &)
 1. I once watched him on tv and what he did truly looked impossible. Could have been elf magic for all the sense it made to me.
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