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"Without God, life has no meaning, no purpose"

As has already been remarked, in this argument, the god GIVES the purpose to the individual concerned, so therefore whatever purpose that person has is the god's purpose, not theirs.  What they are saying is that they are quite happy to accept the purpose given by another being as the meaning for their lives.

I guess some people just can't see the BIGGER picture.

Not true, JB. We can imagine all kinds of things.  It is just that some of us are not willing to base our lives on stuff that we have no evidence for. Different cultures have their stories about magical forces, gods, why human beings are here and what happens after we die. Every person who believes in this kind of stuff seems to have a different interpretation of how it all works. And every interpretation breaks down when held up against the real world.

Some interpretations are really fun, beautiful and appealing-- like your viewpoint that the universe is run by a kind, loving god, or the idea that we should all worship color. Some interpretations are really horrible and repellent-- like the idea that some people are destined to be punished forever because of where they were born and how they were raised. Or any interpretation that says you have to kill people who disagree with you. And some are clearly just made up to get money from gullible people-- like Scientology and the Moonies.

What they all have in common is no evidence that any of them are true. Most of us here are willing to consider any picture you want to show us, if you can demonstrate that it exists somewhere other than your imagination.

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