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^^^^What happened in that simple controlled experiment is what always happens. The psychic energy fails to manifest.

And it is always the fault of the scientists, who are so biased and closed-minded that their  skeptical energy blocks that psychic energy of the mediums. "There are skeptics and unbelievers present! My powers will not work. Darn." 

There is a video online of Johnny Carson[1] taking apart a famous psychic on his show. It it quite amazing how a few simple rules made it impossible for the psychic to perform.

The scientists 1)organized this test and 2)invited the mediums to participate and 3)arranged for a group of volunteers and 4)gave the mediums a chance to show their stuff. Really closed-minded, that.

If only the people who believe in this stuff were willing to be as "closed-minded" as the scientists-- who are willing to take the psychic claims seriously enough to examine them for real.
 1. who was trained as a stage magician and who knew all the slight of hand tricks that some psychics employ
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