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The other thing about science is that if a theory is sound, its real-life applications work. That is the "test" that matters to most of us in everyday life.

So we know that the physics of aerodynamics is sound because helicopters and planes fly and don't float off to the moon or randomly fall out of the sky. We know that geology is sound on how old the earth is, because we find coal, petroleum and uranium where the rocks are of the right age, not just in any location.

We know that the TOE is sound because, for example, flu vaccines have to be updated as the flu virus evolves resistance. And chimp DNA is more similar to human DNA than it is to wolf DNA, and all of these have DNA more similar to each other than to earthworm or tulip or mushroom DNA. This is exactly as the theory of evolution predicts.

What theories about religion or god are supported by practical real-life applications?  :?
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