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I started thinking about this thread again after reading about a cab driver in another country who raped his female passengers. I can hear the unsympathetic remarks about how girls and women nowadays go around dressed like whores and joining the army trying to do men's jobs, so what do they expect? And if the woman herself was not dressed like a whore, well, it's because other women dress like that and men just lose control and attack the next female they see.  (They remain in enough control to make sure to wait and attack the woman in a place where they won't get caught.... &))

<sarcasm alert>Stuff like this is bound to happen when women move around the world like they are human beings or something. It's like a natural disaster or being struck by lightning. Women are magnets and men are just mindless iron filings-- they can't help it, poor things. It is not really the responsibility of men to not attack women. It's up to women to behave in a way so they don't get bothered by men.[1] Women should never leave their homes unless accompanied by a male relative, like in Saudi Arabia. See, a virtuous woman would never be alone with a man she does not know, under any circumstances. Not even in a cab with the driver.

However, if a straight man even suspects that a gay man might be checking him out, the straight man has the right to beat the gay man to death.... :P
 1. I heard an Iranian woman in a hijab say exactly that on a video.
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