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No, no, no! Breathing air is required by the holy god! Fish are not really alive-- they are just faking it. And amphibians are like bisexuals-- they need to effing make up their minds.

My god is perfect, got that? Any mistakes are in the eye of the beholder-- an eye that could not possibly have evolved, btw. Don't show me any light sensitive cells on plants that turn towards the sun, either. Plants are atheists and will burn in hell.

All non-evolved, intelligently-designed specially-created life has to breathe air, even if it means we choke and drown sometimes.  Small price to pay to show how awesome my god is! Well, maybe not so small when a child chokes or drowns, but at least they go straight to heaven. If they are Christian children, that is. Where is my anti-Darwin punch pillow?  &)
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