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Why doesn't the loving protector get busy with the loving and protecting? I mean in a general, universal unbiased way. Because some folks get a lot of loving and protecting while others get almost none.  People in Europe and North America get a lot more loving and protecting than people in most of South America, Africa and Asia. And it doesn't matter what they believe. Wonder why that is? &)

As for natural disasters, about that "nourishing and shaping the planet". It turns out that human beings are always going to live in the path of natural disasters, as if the loving creator planned it that way. Why else would the places that have the best soil, most water and other elements for human life also have the worst natural disasters?

And the disasters are not equally shared--but they happen in very scientifically predictable patterns. The Pacific Rim countries, like Japan and Indonesia, get way more than their fair share of earthquakes and volcanoes. Bangladesh gets more floods than most any other country. Tornadoes are largely limited to the southern and central US. Hurricanes in the Caribbean and US east coast. Blizzards and droughts in the centers of large continents. And so forth.

Deserts are very safe from earthquakes, floods, blizzards, volcanoes, tsunamis, forest fires. But deserts have too little water to sustain large populations. So people are going to be heavily concentrated in the places that have water, like floodplains, volcanic mountain valleys, coastal regions, river deltas and so forth. :-

We should not have to build multi-million dollar reinforced fireproof bunkers raised up on  pylons sunk 20 feet into bedrock, just to live on the planet that was supposedly made especially for us. And even if we could afford to do that for everyone of 7 billion folks on earth, there would still be millions of animals and plants destroyed. :(

We would need to create a protective biosphere the size of the earth-- hey, there's an idea, how about an earth without all those disasters? You would think that a loving creator would just make a planet without the disasters. Or at least put the disasters (that nourish and shape the planet) where the populations were sparse, like at the poles, rather then in the most highly populated regions so a bunch of people have to die needlessly every year..... &)
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