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If you are in a country with the kind of medical care where screening and treatment can catch cancer in time, you were already "lucky", long before the cancer. Because not everyone is in that situation. In Central Africa, if you get cancer (assuming you live long enough to) you will die while suffering excruciating pain. Hardly anyone there has any good luck. Wonder why that is? 

So the lucky part is more about where you were born, not that you caught the cancer in time. Same thing with being an amputee, or being a premature baby, or having just about any medical or health problem. Just make sure you aren't born in a really poor, dysfunctional or war-ravaged country. If your country has universal health care, you will have absolutely amazing luck and won't lose your home to pay medical bills. :P

A loving creator god does not seem to care very much about the health of people in rural India or in the slums of Brazil. They can just curl up and go to hell for all he gives a f!ck.[1] But boy, is the loving creator god good at taking care of the atheists in Scandinavia and Japan! Creator god must just really love those unbelievers. &)

God is everywhere, so he must hate some people. Or maybe there is no god and no such thing as luck, either? Doesn't it seem interesting that people are so much luckier if they are born in a country where science-based public health, advanced medical care and trained medical personnel are widely available?  :?
 1. Those folks have to hope that a group like Doctors Without Borders--you know, an organization of human beings-- is around to help.
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