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I can't believe I am agreeing with Nam and disagreeing (somewhat) with The Gawd! What a strange world.

Here's the thing. From the first, Zim. admitted to having shot T.M., as he, said, in self-defense.  There was no doubt about that. Anyway, there is no way to know if Zim. wanted to kill someone that night, but if he thought that he could carry a loaded gun around and nobody would ever get hurt, he was living a fantasy. I don't think most people, even prejudiced and ignorant people, want to kill anyone. He wanted to end the confrontation, but he had a loaded gun to end it with, not his words, or his fists, or a stick, or a can of pepper spray.

It appears that the law in Florida does not even require much of an investigation if someone shoots someone in self-defense. Because it does not seem that the police did much investigating that night. It is the law that is problematic. Zim. is no hero but he is not a demon, either. He was just lucky he pulled the trigger in Florida, as opposed to say, Canada.  According to the law, he did not commit murder. If he had done exactly the same thing in a different state or country, he might be in prison for at least manslaughter because Zim. admitted to shooting the kid.

If Zim. really did not want to kill, he should not have had a loaded gun. It is disingenuous to claim that you can carry a loaded gun around, and not think that you might shoot, wound and possibly kill, someone. Nobody should be that naïve. A loaded gun makes a piss-poor hammer, doorstop, backscratcher, fireplace poker, (wo)manhood surrogate, sign of adulthood or warning. People need to stop thinking the real world is like the movies. If you have a gun, you are far more likely to shoot and kill someone than if you don't have one.

In a way it is exactly like the credit card analogy.  If you have a credit card with 5000 bucks limit, you are far more likely to run that up than if you don't have one. You may never take the card out of your wallet and charge anything. But that is mainly what the credit card is for.  Similarly, most people never have to pull out their gun and fire it-- even most police officers never do in their entire careers. But the potential is there and the likelihood of use-- and misuse--increases dramatically if you add fear, racial animosity, stupidity, bad judgment, immaturity, alcohol, etc.

What else is a gun for, if not to potentially shoot at someone? I am disgusted by people (adults) who fool around with guns, end up shooting someone, and then act surprised that a hole appeared in their friend or relative or some total stranger and they died. If you are not prepared to shoot at someone, you should not be carrying a loaded weapon. And if you are prepared to shoot, you have to understand that you might kill the person you shoot at.
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