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  I am no longer taking any representations from human middlemen, books, or tricks of the imagination and will only be satisfied with a personal physical encounter.  Until that happens, My reality clearly says "Nope, no evidence of Biblegod here."

Here is a train of thought to chew on. I am genuinely interested in your thoughts if you consider the following.

If there is a god (I'm speaking generically, any divine being), do you think he would be approachable? By definition isn't the concept of divinity a being with such properties as transcendence, absolute actuality, immutability, etc?

By definition of divinity, you cannot have a physical encounter with God. Any encounter would be, by necessity, mediated.  How can the creature approach the creator? But the creator can utilize the created to express itself, ie via mediation.
Here are my thoughts on that;

I have lived with polytheistic animists in Africa and Latin America. These people (except the ones converted by Mormon, JW or evangelical missionaries) do have actual physical encounters with their gods. Even the Catholic-influenced people do. They believe that the gods interact with humans all the time. They don't have to rely on stuff written down thousands of years ago. They have real contacts with their dieties every day.  The gods talk to them, appear to them, give them advice, give people magic powers, possess their bodies, leave magic signs, protect people and curse their enemies, punish wickedness.  Just like the gods in pretty much every ancient sacred text, including the bible.

I told them that the gods in the US are not that active and don't generally do all those things. They have to be "mediated" as you put it. The wise old people I talked to nodded with understanding. They said, "That is because your religions are 'cold'. Our religions are 'hot'." They explained that 'cold religions' are dead religions with dead gods that only exist in stories in books. 'Hot religions' have living gods that are like real people.

The OT clearly describes a 'hot' religion. The Catholic faith is still pretty 'hot' as far as traditional people in third world countries are concerned-- Santeria, Vodun, etc. Modern Protestant Christianity, however, has cooled off.

How is it that modern monotheistic religions, although dead and 'cold', still manage to convince people that they are real?
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