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Yeah, pain, suffering and death are like kids having to do their homework instead of playing outside. Right. Are bad things actually good because they are caused by god? And if that is the attitude, why bother to ever change or improve anything? 

It is so aggravating when theists try to justify or explain away all the bad things that happen. If there is someone in charge of the universe, and they made all the good stuff, they are also responsible for the bad stuff. We can't just wave it away and say, well, we don't know what it all means, but the bad stuff has to be ultimately good.

What is good about millions of children and babies dying of preventable causes, or millions of people suffering from disasters that devastate them and ruin their lives?  What is good about dementia and other serious mental problems that destroy families?

So after thousands of years, we have finally been able to eliminate polio and smallpox. What was the point of all the people who suffered and died from those diseases before we could cure and prevent them? Were smallpox and polio good things? If there was some point to the suffering, why would god allow us to eliminate them? We humans struggle to figure out the causes of these things and fix them as well as we can. And we make life better. No help from any supreme ultimate beings.

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