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Okay, I give up trying to reason anything out here. Let's just play with some woo instead .  &)

How about a simple question for any god-believer on this site: let's assume there is a god of some sort. There are people who do not know whether or not there is a god. If, as the OP states, the bible is not useful, and assuming no other religious text is either, how does a person find out about god? Wait for god to communicate his existence, or look around at the universe for him?

If the answer is "look around at the universe" than every person is going to come up with something different, because what each person "sees" in the universe depends on that person's background, culture and experience. In other words, people's experiences in the world are subjective, not apparently coming directly from any one source, ie god.

One person sees warfare, destruction and suffering. The next person sees immense expanses of dead, empty space and environments actively hostile to life. Another sees survival, honesty and hope. Yet another sees kindness, beauty and love. Still another sees scientific order, natural laws and rationality. And so on.

Is god an objective being or the sum total of everything humans "see"?
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