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The evidence is me, you, and the earth.  Conscience.  Y'all consistently dismiss this as evidence but it is!!!  If I bake a cake the cake is evidence that I baked it.  Even if you can't see me there baking it somebody baked it and it wasn't santa claus.

Yes it is research.  If I want to know will God comfort my spirit I have to allow that.  My spirit was comforted and strengthened.

People shouldn't pray over football.

Seems funny to me that every book I've read on staying positive with cancer says to be spiritual. 

There are mountains everywhere and there are valleys, not much different from life is it? 

I've got a question for you Nogods.  When I was alone wanting to disappear/vanish felt nothing but despair where else could I have gone?  Humans were the ones hurting me.  Should I have turned to humans?  I'm telling you w/o God there I would have wept until I died!!! :'(

JB, many people in the world, like you, have survived horrible situations.  Some think that they survived because of their religious faith in Jehovah, Allah, Krishna or Yemanya. Others will swear that they survived because they sacrificed animals to the Vodun gods.

Do you think that their gods all helped these people survive? Does their survival mean that all the different religions they believe in are true?

I have been through some pretty bad sh!t in my life as well. Humans hurt me as well. I did not turn to any gods or supernatural beings. How do you think I survived?

Finally, JB, just because you think that love, or the earth or conscience are evidence of your god, that does not make it true. Those things could just as easily be evidence for the gods of Hinduism or Santeria. If you want to give evidence, you have to show how those things have to be the result of actions taken by your god and not Thor or Shango.

And why shouldn't people pray over football? It makes not a bit of difference if they do or don't. There is no god to take an interest in human prayers.

People used to think that earthquakes and volcanoes were caused by the gods they believed in. Now we know what causes them, and it is not supernatural. Likewise, we know that feelings like love or depression are caused by chemicals in the brain--scientists can identify the chemicals that make people feel one way or another. And we know how and why humans evolved to have these feelings. It is not supernatural. 

People have survived cancer and other diseases by believing in Islam, Scientology and Rastafarianism. People have survived cancer without any spiritual or religious belief at all. Chances are very good that you will survive cancer by believing in your god of love. But before the 20th century, hardly anyone ever survived cancer no matter what they believed in. What does that tell you? What logical conclusion can you draw?
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