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JB, what I think median is saying, in a very erudite way, is that your position on god, the afterlife, etc is derived from emotion, how you feel, rather than from rationality or research. For example, you have said many times that it helps you in your life to believe in god, and that your ideas about an afterlife give you hope and solace during hard times. This is all about feelings, not research.

This is the same as saying that it helps football players win games if they pray to god before going out onto the field. If both teams pray, god still only helps one to win. We know that one team will win and one will lose, so praying will only "help" one team to win. I hope you understand that praying to or believing in god does not make any real difference in which team wins the football game. No matter how strongly the players feel about god.

Likewise, praying or believing in god does not help a country win a war or avoid a natural disaster or recover from a recession. Believing in god does not help people get jobs or survive a plane crash or recover from an operation. Believing in god does not help in any real way, or else we would clearly see the difference in the lives of god-believers. After thousands of years, there should be mountains of evidence in favor of god if belief was helpful. But there is none. We keep asking people for evidence of god and they can't show us any.

How long would you believe a friend who said they had a fancy new car if they could never show it to you? Years go by and they keep bumming rides, taking cabs and riding the bus, while telling you all about their wonderful new car.  Wouldn't you start to think that they did not really have the car? Where is the evidence of the car? you would ask. Not even a photo of the car with them in it, no car title or insurance card with their name on it. Probably they don't have a new car. We think the same thing about all the folks who keep telling us about their wonderful, invisible god....

The lives of god-believers are not better than the lives of atheists. Often the lives of god-believers are much, much worse. That is what the statistics on health, income, education, etc show. Doesn't the emphasis on a better afterlife make the most sense for people whose earthly lives suck? Doesn't that seem like a way to make people feel better when their prayers to god for help go unanswered?

The fact that you feel like god is helping you does not make it true.  That is why we keep asking you for your evidence that god is real, research that you have done on the afterlife, etc. But you keep giving us descriptions of how you feel. Feelings are remarkably inaccurate as measures of whether something is true or not. That is why con artists and charlatans are able to rip people off.

Teenagers believe they are in love with pop stars who they have never met. It makes the teenager very happy to believe that the love shared with the pop star is real.   The pop star does not know the teen exists, and the teen has never actually met the pop star. The pop star could be an a$$hole who hates teenagers in real life. If the teenager was going to drop out of school and move to the state where the pop star lives, this would clearly be an irrational decision. Despite the feelings the teen has, no facts support the idea that the pop star loves the teen. Likewise, no facts support the idea that there is a god who loves people. Just feelings.
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