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This gruesome discussion is way off the rails. Impalement?  :o

Fact: If a guy really, truly and with believable documentation was killed dead by the authorities, and then magically came back to life, it would have been NEWS. You would not have been able to keep it a secret. The news would have spread like crazy from the Middle East to China, and from Egypt to the entire Roman Empire. It would have been more like the first "Ripley's Believe it or Not" story, and would be recorded everywhere there were any kind of records kept.[1]

Fact: We would not have to try to find accounts from different cultures, and always fail. It would be the resounding story everywhere in all the ancient world! It is not, it is missing in action, it is not found anywhere outside the bible, and this written years after the fact. This really happened and yet the Roman Empire had to have political meetings 300 years later to decide what they thought about it? You would think this would raise a bit of suspicion in Christian circles. Anything else is special pleading.

Fact: People in ancient times dating back to the Sumerian and Babylonians--bureaucrats, historians, nosy parkers-- wrote down all kinds of trivia, and kept all kinds of records. But this Jesus event (and all the other magical bible miracles, for that matter) somehow missed the cut.[2]

Fact: Meanwhile, we have papyrus scrolls detailing the fluctuating depth of the Nile, cuneiforms on who paid their taxes on time, stone tablet grocery lists and thread knots describing the sighting of random meteors. But we are supposed to think that none of the bible miracles, not even the Jesus one, got recorded at the time, not anywhere? By anyone? Really? Why? Because there was some bigger news that knocked it off the front pages/stone slabs?

What African or Chinese or Indian town crier, gossip or scribe would ignore the biggest news story of all time in favor of the equivalent of another farm report? Ignoring Jesus' resurrection would be like bumping the 9/11 terrorist attack off the front page to make room for a story about a local strip mall opening.  On 9/11.

Not. Possible.

Fact: Religions had stories of magical births, miracle recoveries and mystery deaths all the time. Hinduism has several about every god. Myths, we call them today. But an actual factual news account with sources that would pass muster at a modern junior high journalism class? Not so much.  So no surprise that other religious groups were not too impressed by yet another story about yet another culture's god rising from the dead.
 1.  It's like people saying there are aliens beaming around abducting people all the time--but the government (although supposedly incompetent at everything else) has managed to keep it a secret.
 2. And this is supposed to be the all-powerfullest god at work. He must have wanted to stay hidden, a spy with a trench coat and big floppy fedora. God Garbo, in a frilly negligee, just wanted to be alone.
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