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From a rational cost-benefit analysis, I should not have been allowed to go through with my last pregnancy, and should have just been referred to an adoption agency. I am so happy that nobody told me I could not continue my pregnancy even if I wanted to, because it would be too costly and risky. We used a ridiculous amount of medical resources in that one year-- probably more than a woman in China gets in her whole lifetime.

Luckily for us, we don't have a one-child mandate here like they had in China, although rationally, we should. We can have all the kids we want, whether we as a society can feed and house and educate them or not. We are already at replacement with about 2 kids per family, although we still use more of the world's resources than any other country.

We don't--and probably never will, if the response to the limited health care program of  Obamacare is any indication-- have an economic system that says everyone is entitled to food, a job or medical care like they tried to do in China. The concept of doing something you don't want to do for the betterment of the whole society is foreign and even repugnant to us. Obligation to others is as old in China as Confucius. 

I understand the idea that in the US nobody likes being forced to do what they don't want to do. We are very individualistic and independent that way. If our government outlawed all forms of birth control and said we had to have a baby every year, we would revolt and refuse to have children at all. I can hear the libertarians: "Eff the government-- who are those bureaucrats to tell me what to do with my body? I'll die from abstinence before I make 12 babies for the state."

If the government said we could only have one child per family, we would all have 5 kids, just because. I can hear the libertarians: "Eff the government-- who are those bureaucrats to tell me what to do with my body? Don't talk to me about limited resources. I'll make a baby every year if I want to." In the US we only obey big corporations....
Abortion can definitely be used to control population. But it is not the best way, since it is more expensive and harder on a woman's body than anything she might use to prevent the pregnancy in the first place. Even with side effects, the pill, the IUD and implants are far less intrusive and risky than using abortion as birth control.

The Soviet Union did not permit many forms of birth control, so women had several abortions--some as many as 10!-- in their lives. I think that having that many abortions was a horrendous thing to go through. It would have to be a rather desperate situation for women to do that. Because clearly, the alternative was either celibacy or to have 10 or more children. At least in China there are many forms of birth control, so abortion is the backup plan for when the other forms don't work. (Or when the woman wants a baby and the government says the country can't afford it.)

Again, we are lucky that we don't have a world government, because the world would have voted our greedy overprivileged a$$es off the island long ago.  :P

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