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^^^I understand where you are coming from, and I like the fact that you realize that your personal feelings have no weight on what other people do about having or not having an abortion.

I just saw a homeless young 20-something white woman in the park near my local library. She was hanging out with a few scruffy-looking white guys and a black woman all about her same age.[1]She had on dirty pink and white bunny ears over her stringy, greasy hair. She looked like she hadn't bathed in a long time. Her winter coat would not button because she was about 5-6 months pregnant, her belly clearly beginning to push out of her non-maternity clothes.  She is not able to care for herself very well, dealing with whatever issues have her living outside in the park as winter approaches. She does not have much of a support system, probably can't hold a job and very likely has drug, drinking and/other health problems.

She is also clearly having unprotected sex--maybe as a way to earn money. Or perhaps she was assaulted by one of the homeless men. My personal feeling is that she should have had an abortion as soon as she knew she was pregnant. I would even be tempted to say she should still have an abortion, even this late in the process. If I was queen of the world, she would get a tubal ligation along with the abortion.

Because this young woman should under no circumstances be trying to care for a baby. The baby will, if lucky, end up going straight from that woman's body into emergency foster care and adoption. If unlucky, the woman will refuse to give up the newborn and will take it out of the emergency room where she gave birth.  The child will end up seriously neglected, abused or abandoned. If it survives all that, it will then end up as an older, not as cute, less-adoptable child with serious emotional problems,  in foster care or a state facility. By the time the kid is a tough, angry, mentally disturbed 12 year old, she will not be adopted. She will run away from foster homes.  And she will be on her way to having a life like just her mother's. Drugs and prostitution. If male, add in gangs and jail as a real possibility.

But just like you, shnozzola my personal feelings have no bearing on what she has decided to do. And I am willing to pay for the safety net that is no doubt going to have to catch her child at some point in the near future..... :(
 1. There were a LOT of homeless folks near the park tonight. More than the usual down-and-out-looking older white guy contingent.  I wonder if today is the day they get some sort of benefit from the social service center across the street.
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