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Dr Tesla,

You are just making crap up--have you ever spoken to any women about their abortions?  The medical statistics and the anecdotal evidence do not support your statements. Most elective abortions happen at the same time most miscarriages happen-- in the first three months. There are not very many women having elective abortions at 6 months or more into the pregnancy! Late abortions are most often for health reasons and are tragic for all concerned, because that woman wanted the child, maybe had names picked out, had bought baby clothes.  :'(

I have known several women who had elective abortions.[1]  Women who choose abortion have different life circumstances and different reasons for having an abortion. What they all have in common was, at that point in her life she did not want to have a baby.

Maybe she had several other kids to raise and could not face another pregnancy; maybe she was a drug addict; maybe she was a child prostitute pregnant by her pimp; maybe she was homeless and living on the street; maybe she was in her 40's and had health problems; maybe she had two part-time jobs but no insurance; maybe she was raped by her mother's boyfriend; maybe she was undocumented and was afraid of losing her job; maybe she was just plain mentally messed up--but together enough to know she should not have a baby.

Or maybe she was a stupid, silly over-sexed slut who dresses like a video ho and has drunken one-night stands with different men every night--isn't that the stereotype? Scheduling her monthly abortion between her hair and nail appointments. If you think women are so unthinking and careless-- you should not trust them to properly care for a pregnancy, let alone care for a child. What would you do with such a woman-- imprison her and force her to give birth and then take away the child? And do it every time she gets pregnant? Or would you seriously force her to be sterilized?  :P

I have known women who have had children. Some were the same women who had the abortions. So, if you want to demonize women who have had abortions, there are a lot of good loving moms and grandmas out there waiting for you to call them nasty names because of the baby they decided not to have. And with 7 billion people and counting, why make women who don't want babies have them?  Women are not just baby-making factories for other people who want to adopt.

Women do not make the decision to have either a child or an abortion lightly. Being pregnant is a big deal for most women. Having an abortion is a big deal for most women.  Having a child is a big deal for most women. Having a miscarriage is a big deal for most women--and about 25% of all pregnancies are lost to miscarriage.

You want to know who just loves abortions? God loves abortions. He performs them all the time and not even for the money. No shady abortion doctor could perform a million abortions in his lifetime. God is therefore a way shadier character than any abortion doctor--he performs millions of abortions on pregnant women every day, often under unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Sometimes god throws in the woman's life as well. When a woman loses a pregnancy and wanted the baby, well, that's an unwanted godly abortion.

I have much more respect for the "seamless garment" anti-abortion folks-- the ones I know  are Catholic nuns who work in women's shelters and orphanages. They are feminists in favor of universal health care and social welfare programs, they support child care and family leave, in other words, they try to make the world a better place for the kids who are born. They are environmentalists who realize that more births will put much more pressure on the planet, so we will have to conserve like crazy to make room for the millions of additional people. They lobby against the death penalty. And they do not make any exceptions for rape or incest-- I agree with that, because abortions should not be based on how the fetus got inside the woman.

If people want there to be no abortions, they can at least be rational about the consequences. I suggest you retract your statement that women have abortions with no more concern than a visit to the dentist. Because you do not know what you are talking about.
 1. So have you. But with your attitude, they are unlikely to tell you about it. Especially if you were the father. :angel:
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