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While you make a good point, note that abortions are rare.
>20% of pregnancies is not "rare."

Abortions are mainly used for risky pregnancies; not as a substitute for contraception.
<8% for fetal health, maternal health, rape, and incest combined is not "mainly."

I suppose elective abortions are "rare" compared to pregnancies that survive miscarriage and make it to term. Most women who get pregnant and don't have a miscarriage do have the baby. Very few women worldwide have more abortions, on average, than they have children, and that in rare cases like in the Soviet Union when contraception was not available.

And most abortions worldwide (legal and illegal) are because women do not want to be pregnant and have a baby. If they do not want a baby at that point in their lives for whatever reason, they should not have to have one.  A woman who wants to have an abortion does not want to be a mother. A woman who does not want to be a mother should not be one. This seems so obvious to me, but a lot of people clearly do not agree.  :?
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