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Ahh, another abortion thread. I agree with the OP that if a person really believed in heaven and all that, they should become abortion providers and help send as many pre-born souls there as they can..... :o

If a fertile woman is having hetero sex on a regular basis, even as seldom as a few times a month, she will probably get pregnant, if she (and her partner) is not using a consistent form of contraception. Most of the time, she should not have the baby just because she becomes pregnant. But most of the time, she will.

The vast majority of women (60%) never have an abortion in their lives--they have babies instead. Most women I know who have had abortions have had one.[1] I have known of a few women (really messed up women on drugs, having random anonymous unprotected sex) having up to three abortions during their most messed-up years--mainly teens and 20's. I don't know if that would be considered having "serial abortions" considering that there are about 12 times a year that a woman can get pregnant, and a woman is fertile for about 35 years.[2] Ironically, the sex workers I have known--even the drug users--who had sex way more often and with more men than most women do, were some of the most responsible about birth control and seldom ended up needing abortions.  :?

If there are women in the US using abortion as a form of birth control (having 5, 6, 7 or more abortions) that would be pretty rare. In the old Soviet Union when women could not get birth control, it was common for a married woman to have 3 or 4 kids, 3 or 4 miscarriages, and ten or more abortions. That is nearly 20 pregnancies! Pretty extreme, and horrendous for a woman's body and emotional state. Few women would do that if there were other options.

Final point. Any woman who does have other options, but is so messed up mentally as to have three or more abortions, should not under any circumstances be encouraged to give birth to a child. She will be counseled by the abortion clinic (the staff tears their hair out over such women) and given as much birth control as she needs.

But if she still can't or won't use it, as a former social worker, I would recommend that she should keep on getting those abortions. At least that way she is only hurting herself. Anyone who really cares about babies and children would agree with me here.  :- :P
 1. More women probably should have abortions instead of children, but that is a personal opinion that I never shared with clients...I only counseled a reluctant woman to have an abortion once--her abusive husband had set her on fire and she found out she was pregnant while in the hospital geting skin grafts. Most of the time I tried to help women find other options, because they did not want to have an abortion.
 2. Theoretically, a really irresponsible woman could have up to 300 pregnancies and abortions. Viewed from that perspective, three does not seem that extreme.
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