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SW will not address these points, because if he begins to, it would be too hard for him. His worldview does not allow for the bible stories to be fictional or for his god to do things that most people would consider evil. One of those has to be the case in the Noah story. Reality bites, and so forth. Too painful.

Unlike drowning, which is FUN, FUN, FUN for the entire family! Can't imagine why people struggle when they start to sink--it's so relaxing to die like that, with water rushing into your lungs. Painless. 

Instead of having abortion or contraception, just wait nine months, give birth and toss the baby into the nearest river. SW would approve. Painless.

Disneyland should build a Noah's Ark/Titanic ride where everyone actually drowns at the end! Hilarity will ensue. Painless.

Hey--instead of just a brief immersion, churches should hold people under for five minutes when they baptize folks, and send them right on to heaven. Painless.

God, is that POV effed up or what? :P &)

On the other hand, SW may be a  sociopath. If that is part of his problem, he will never understand why we are upset.  :(
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