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Like I said, when we bring scientific facts to bear on the flood story, they go all "god magic" on us.

So, the Chinese and Aztec and Indian civilizations either did not notice the global flood sweeping them all away, or they all descended from Noah's family in a few generations and just quickly forgot about the ark and all that.

So, a handful of birds (two or seven, depending on which part you read) managed to evolve into everything from hummingbirds to penguins, from ostriches to kiwis, from pelicans to flamingos. In a few thousand years. While people watch but take no notice. Right.

Does "god magic" also produce blindness to the strange things it produces, or is it just general amnesia?

And what is this about science not being able to explain anything about the past? That is what some sciences are really good at: geology, paleontology, physical anthropology, archeology, astronomy. All these discipines investigate stuff that happened thousands, millions or billions of years IN. THE. PAST. Medical science deals largely with diseases and conditions that happened IN. THE. PAST.

And let's not forget about CSI. You know, the application of science (genetics, etc) to solving crimes, all of which took place IN. THE. PAST. Or would SW rather police use the bible to try to find the guy who robbed his house, beat him up and kidnapped his family last night? You know, IN. THE. PAST. &)
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