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Those are just run of the mill sinners in a prosperous country with access to radio, tv, internet and Starbucks.

Brussels is a third world country; the natives are chucking spears at missionaries and beheading them at every turn, clean water is impossible to find, and you have folks like Fiji running around talking in French about sex parts of plants - they are an unreached people group, for chrissakes!!  Right?  :o :o

I suppose you are right.  Exotic Belgian sinners will ultimately be much more challenging, and much more rewarding to serve. 

I mean, I can say with all honesty that I have NEVER heard floral genitalia discussed on the streets of my neighborhood.  But if you don't hit Belgium now, EVERYONE will be talking about it in a few years.

Gay latinos shaking their gorgeous bootays to hot Afro-Carib music. Muslim youth dancing to Korean pop in front of the Kebab King. Three cheers for the red, white and blue! Ye gods I love America. ;D
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