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I think it is the fact that for the past 50 years, America was the world leader in so many areas. We thought it was because we were so smart and so great, when it was mainly having survived WWI and II without being bombed flat like the rest of the world. Everyone wanted to come here,  and the world let us have a free pass with our ignorance and arrogance. That was the charmed period, when everyone thought that it would be like that forever, with increasing prosperity and security for all. Truth, justice and the American way all the way down.

Now, we are having to compete with the rest of the world because they have started to catch up. China and India will swamp us, because they have more smart, hardworking and ambitious people than we do. It's just the numbers. And the rest of the world is now competing for the resources (oil, water, minerals, land to grow food, cheap labor) that we thought we would be able to control forever. We can only push countries around militarily for so long. Other countries have nuclear bombs and sh!t too.

Africa, the Middle East and Latin America don't have to give us their goodies cheaply anymore, if China or Russia is making them a better offer. We in the US have to recognize the new global reality. Unfortunately, instead of realizing that everyone in the US needs a basic safety net, like universal health care and decent education, so we can survive and compete, we are still acting like we will all become millionaires if we just work hard enough. :P &)
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