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It's me or him.

Is it though? I would think it's your stuff or him.
Really? If a burglar turns at me, is it my stuff or me?

If the burglar has a gun, they might shoot at you and you might get badly hurt or killed. If you also have a gun, they will most definitely shoot at you. And you might get badly hurt or killed. The only way to come out of that confrontation safe and sound is to be the one who shoots first.

Now, are you really ruthless and desperate enough to shoot first, not knowing if the burglar is armed, is after you or just wants your stuff? In a darkened house, with you just woken up how do you even know for sure it is a burglar? Are you willing to shoot and possibly kill your kid brother who you forgot was staying in the guest room; your teenage daughter's idiot boyfriend sneaking out of her bedroom; a foreign exchange student who ended up at the wrong house? Remember, the cello music tells you it's a bad guy on the movies, but not in real life.

I am saying that there might be times when a person is perfectly justified in shooting a gun at someone in their house. Statistically, however, it is far more likely that the person you shoot is not a dangerous killer at all. There are just not that many bad guys out there breaking into occupied homes. There are far, far more kid brothers, idiot boyfriends and foreign students.
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