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I have a young relative (aged 15) who has, in the past two years, embarked on a career of rampant stupidity. He sneaks out of his home at night to get high or drunk with his friends, has been kicked out of school several times, is having unprotected sex, and once, broke into a house where the family was at home. :o

What he is doing is waaaay self-destructive and his family is falling apart over his behavior. He will listen to nobody. His folks have spent a ton of money trying to straighten him out.  He has already done a stint in juvie--the house breaking incident. He is seeing a counselor. He is on probation. His dad wants to chain him to his bed. His mom's hair has gone completely white.[1]

He is an idiot, who actually blogs about all of his misbehavior on Facebook. I want to kick his a$$.  >:(

Having said all that, none of what he has done is worthy of the death penalty. He has not  gotten in any fights or hurt anyone. He has never (to our knowledge) been caught with a weapon. He has not (to our knowledge) stolen anything. The housebreaking was on a dare. Clearly, it was illegal and dangerous and he should not have done it. But he is an idiot.  &)

Again, he is an idiot. Did I tell y'all he was an idiot?

However, if he does not get shot by the next homeowner he and his buddies break in on, he will probably grow out of it. Most teenaged idiots do. Very few people in their 30's do the same stupid, dangerous and illegal things they did in their teens. Even gang bangers get tired and settle down.

But this is the USA, not Canada and not Europe. There are a lot of scared people with guns in their homes, and he might break in on one of them the next time.

We are all holding our breath. :P
 1. I know, I know it probably was not overnight, but it was pretty damn fast.
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