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Sounds flimsy. Didn't get woken up by the gunshot?


Maybe it was a really big house? You should not be taking a nap in a different room if you are babysitting a child. She was actually babysitting her gun, and not doing a very good job of it. I would not be surprised if alcohol and/or drugs are involved. :?

Added info--I just read the article. So sad. Turns out the babysitter was a 19 year old girl who was also watching a 6 month old baby. And had a loaded gun because she was afraid of being in the house with the kids alone. Did she even know how to properly use a gun?

There was no phone, so she carried both the wounded child and the baby down the street to the grandmother's house to call 911.

How can anyone read that and think that family was better off with a gun around than not? How about selling the gun at the pawn shop and buying a phone so you can get help if something bad (and not easily fixable with gunplay) happens? What was this girl supposed to do if one of the kids fell and hit its head or stopped breathing--shoot at it?

That is such a tragedy for the entire family. Nobody involved will ever get over it. But "gun rights" trump everything. :(
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