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Nope.  If someone TRULY believed that god was seeing everything they did, sin would simply be impossible for them.

But why do: 
People occasionally speed past a police car on purpose.
They drink and drive, knowing the consequences.
They know the speed limit is 65, yet they go 66.
They know killing is wrong.....not for God, but for THEM....yet they do it anyway.
Everything points to a state where we know better, but break even our own rules anyway.

Yes, most of us do things that we know are wrong from time to time. Even sometimes when others are watching. But really big time no-nos, like stealing, murder and adultery? People don't usually do that stuff in front of witnesses. People who say they believe in god are just as likely to slow down in front of the cops as anyone else.

The question here is, do religious people really believe that there is an all-powerful supernatural judge watching them at all times? Because they do not act as if they do. They behave differently in private (with only god watching) than they act front of god plus the boss, god plus the spouse, god plus the police.

Since god is supposed to be even more powerful and important than any human observer, why don't believers behave themselves when god alone, but nobody human, is watching?If the Catholic hierarchy really believed that god was watching them, there should not be a scandal-- and coverup-- of pedophile priests. If people really believed, how could they possibly molest kids, use illegal drugs or sleep with prostitutes? Believers should literally be putting out their eyes instead of looking at porn, and cutting off the offending body parts to prevent related sins. But even a Shia Amish Bodhisattva would find that crazy.   
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