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^^^ "Because I have a sin nature that I was born with. I just can't help sinning, but God forgives and loves me anyway."

Yes, I can play the stand in Christian apologist when necessary :)

But somehow, this same helpless sinner who sins right in god's face, manages to refrain from breaking human laws when a human authority figure is watching. They would never run a red light with a cop sitting in the intersection, have sex with a prostitute if their spouse was watching, or shoplift in front of a security guard. That's why I don't think these big shot preachers who get caught secretly molesting kids, stealing money, doing drugs and banging male hookers really believe in any god.

It would take a pretty blatant psycho to commit a serious crime in the full view of other people, but lots of normal folks manage to commit sins in front of an all-powerful god?  Right.
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