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This guy, who has, clearly his "Own Logic", talks about business like my long deceased con artist father did. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, anyone can do it, guaranteed, a vague description of how he actually makes money but lots and lots of words, and wowee, it's so amazing!

Plus he's a [possibly violent] religious nut, who would kill people and rape children if god did not threaten him with hell. Yikes!

Either this guy is 1)a joker making sh!t up for fun; 2) a stone liar, sociopath and con man; 3) delusional (the money exists only in his mind, along with his god) or 4 )my daddy reincarnated, ie both 2) and 3) above.

OwnLogic, can you please prove you are not my reincarnated daddy? :- :? :P
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