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I wish, just once, we would get a theist who put half as much time and effort into honestly researching the theory of evolution (or any other aspect of science) as we atheists have put into honestly researching religious beliefs.

For example, I have, with an open and critical mind, read/studied/become familiar with:
1)the bible; 2) the Quran; 3) Mary Baker Eddy; 4) the Gita; 5) book of Mormon; 6) Tao Te Ching; 7) Thich Nat Thanh on Buddhism; 8] Rasta writings; 9) Afro Latin beliefs; 10) Nation of Islam; and 11) Sikhism. 
I have attended services from most of the above and will investigate any other religious stuff on offer. This is in addition to being raised with a strict Jehovah's Witness background, and living in animist and Catholic communities in different countries.

That is what I have done to try to understand religion. What I have learned is this:
None of them have any more explanatory power than the scientific method.
None of them produce positive real life results in any measurable or consistent way.
None of them reveal anything about the world that was not generally known by the people of whatever era the religion arose in.
None of them has produced any transcendent information or magical powers that science cannot explain or replicate.
All produce a lot of noise, distraction and bs to obscure the above facts.
And every single one is geographically and historically limited to the region and culture that produced it.

How many theists come here with that kind of a perspective on evolution or any other aspect of science :??
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