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I reasoned my way out as an adult, after being taught the JW religion since birth. I studied up on different religions and gradually realized they were all made up by people. There was enough critical information about every religion from other religions to conclude that they were all full of holes.

None of them have produced any information not available to the people of the era; none of them have any evidence for their magical miracles; and none even have the basic morality stuff right (like women's equality, and no slavery). None of them are clear and unambiguous as to what their god is all about.

All are bogus and contradictory. All are geographically limited. All depend on word games and emotional appeals. And, most telling, all expect me to shut off my brain and accept some nonsense that would never fly in any area of life other than religion.

Any religion that shows up without these major flaws? Maybe we can talk.  &)
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