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It does seem like a dictatorship, when Christians (and Muslims) say that god does not have to follow the rules. That only god determines what morality is, and morality is whatever god says it is, even if thatseems horrible to people today. (Why would it god's morality seem horrible to anyone today if morality is eternal and unchanging?)

So, if god says it is moral to kill adulterers or gays or children who disrespect their parents, or non-virgin rape victims who did not yell loud enough, so be it. If god says slavery is a-okay, so be it. If god wants to kill everyone on the planet and start over, who are we puny humans to complain? Anything god does is by definition the right and best thing to do.

As thinking human beings, we don't put up with that crap. Who thinks that the best system to live under is one where the folk in charge make the rules or laws, but are exempt from them? Remember Nixon saying that if the president does it, it's not illegal? Aren't we supposed to try to do what god says? Nixon was only following in the glowing footsteps of god. (stealing imagery from kcrady)

Anyway, most Christians (and many Muslims) don't really agree with everything god approves of. I have not noticed many proposals to bring back slavery in any modern country. Most modern states have either eliminated the death penalty altogether, or reserve it only for capital crimes. In the US, we don't execute adulterers or gays.

It seems that 1)our morality is better than god's, and 2)morality is not eternal and 3)morality changes over time.

Or maybe the stuff that god said was moral in the OT was only meant for the ancient Israelites. Like the rules regulating how to beat a slave or how to sacrifice a goat or what animals are unclean to eat. Except when it is not only meant for the ancient Israelites, like, say, when gays want to get married.

The word of god is so very clear on all this. &)
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