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How about this, skepticofatheism: why should we believe in your particular invisible, magical, all-knowing, all-powerful, yet strangely absent and undetectable being? Every religion--Islam, Hinduism, Scientology-- has testimonials, miracles, sacred texts and followers.

Do you believe the testimonials and miracles of Islam? (If not, why not?)

Do you think the Hindu gods exist, too? (If not, what is your proof that they do not exist?)

Is your god performing these same miracles and so forth for Scientologists? (If so, how come they don't believe in your god?)

Is everyone except your faith made up of liars? (Why would they lie instead of accepting the obvious truth of your religion?)

It seems to me that you have to come up with increasingly complicated, convoluted and contradictory explanations for the existence (and persistence) of all these other fake gods and religions. Or you have to conclude that maybe none of them are real, including your own.

I think we are beating our heads against a wall, trying to explain that the theory of evolution is probably true. Anyone who has watch a CSI show, eaten Fritos corn chips or gotten a flu shot has "proven" the TOE.  The theory of gravitation and the germ theory of disease are also probably true, for the same reasons. Each theory works in the lab and in hundreds of everyday applications and has not ever been falsified.[1] 

We are also up against a wall trying to explain why we don't believe in invisible, magical, all-knowing, all-powerful, yet strangely absent and undetectable beings. Especially the idea that such beings interact in some way with human beings and affect how we live. It seems so obvious to us atheists that such beings have no apparent effect on anything, and do not appear to exist in any place other than the imagination of believers.

I sometimes feel like I am standing out in the sun, trying to explain that the light is coming from that big yellow ball in the sky. And everyone around me is denying that the sun is there, saying that daylight comes from the beating of the wings of millions of invisible blue fairies.

And I guess religious people feel the same way about us.  :-
 1. The objections to the TOE are in the same category as denying the theory of gravitation because airplanes fly, or denying germ theory because people who wash their hands before they eat still sometimes get sick.
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