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I don't get why Jesus is supposed to be so special.  Soldiers, police, firefighters, risk death all the time. Pilots and flight attendants are trained to risk their lives to save their passengers. Teachers have died protecting their students.  There are women who died giving birth after more than three days of labor. Prisoners in concentration camps have endured months of suffering and have sacrificed themselves so others could live.

So, lots of people have sacrificed their lives for others, knowing that they would not be brought back to life. Many parents would give their lives to save their kids. I know I would be willing to face death to save my child-- or anyone's child. Give me the chance to save everyone on the planet by being tortured for three days and then dying? I'd sign right up. I am willing to bet that most people on earth would give their lives for far less than saving the souls of all humankind. 

So, why is Jesus special again? :?
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