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Scary to read the reviews that attack the author's other skeptical books. There are "9/11 was an inside job" people, "vaccines don't prevent disease and are a harmful scam" people, even "we never went to the moon" people.

What these conspiracy theorists never reveal is the big question: WHY? Why blow up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon with explosives disguised as faked hijacked planes? That is a plan so fraught with complexity and possible leaks and holes as to defy imagination.

And the faked moon landing people? Even those of us who don't trust the government on some things have to scratch our heads on that one. And again, why? Would space-race crazy Russia have just let us say we went,  and accept some lame films as proof? The technology to fake the moon shots did not even exist in the 1960's. Ironically, we put people on the moon with less advanced technology than we have in our phones and laptops today.

Maybe that is why people can't accept the mood landing. It seems utterly impossibe to do. So, like the various pyramids and other amazing things people have done, it is easier to fabricate complex sh!t than to try to understand the basic science behind how stuff actually works. We have to make up aliens or conspiracies instead.

If polio, smallpox and measles vaccines don't prevent the diseases, where have those diseases gone? And why do some diseases like polio still exist in places where people have less access to the vaccines? 
It is sad that something as horrible as polio may have to return before the vaccine deniers shut the eff up.
We have the internet, you don't even have to visit India or another poor country to see people scarred, twisted and crippled by diseases that we don't have anymore in the US. But I have been to places were babies die routinely from curable diseases because of lack of basic stuff like vaccines and sanitation.

It pisses me off to have rich, healthy people who will never be exposed to polio in the US--because everyone around them has been vaccinated to a level above where the disease can catch on-- refuse to give their kids the shots and bandy about crap like "vaccines don't work." Hell's bells, we are so dumb sometimes that I can't even stand it.
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