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What is murder?  Murder is illegal killing.  Who makes it legal or illegal?  You?  How do you know those people didn't deserve death?

My new sig.  Few quotes portray the bloodthirsty immorality of Christian ethics as well as this.

"They all deserved death. Every last one of 'em."

"How do you know?"

"They're dead, ain't they?"

Sounds like the dialogue from a bad Tarantino film. Or something from a horrible dictator like Idi Amin or Saddam Hussein. Or something the Christian Crusaders or Mongols might have said after sacking a city. These are not the actions of a loving god. Or an even halfway decent god. These are not the actions of a halfway decent human being, from the most barbaric culture imaginable. These are the morals of Stalin.

Because the only way we know they deserved death is because dictator/god said they did. (I'll bet he didn't even use his inside voice.) They were just so gosh darned evil. Sooooo evil. Darth Vader, Professor Moriarty, Lex Luthor, Kardashian-level, street mime evil. Could god have just made everyone good? Sure. But free will.[1]

And therefore, god interrupted the rampant evilness and killed all the men, women, children, teenagers, elderly people, mentally handicapped people, toddlers, and newborn babies on the planet. Plus the animals that did not make it onto the ark. Including puppies, kittens and baby koala bears.

That's the god I want in my corner, let me tell you! He needs anger management classes, bad. :P

If the ark and flood story is a metaphor, it's a piss-poor example of how to exercise authority, unless you want to be ruled by Kim Jong Il. Killing everyone like an angry child stomping on an anthill is not the only way for a so-called all-powerful being to solve problems.

And the problems never even got solved, after all that death and destruction! Bloated dead bodies of drowned families rotting all over, stinking and spreading disease, and for what? Evil just snapped right back onto the planet like a giant pair of Speedos.  &)
 1. God's special little loophole, never mentioned in the bible, but so what?
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