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My daughter has a school friend who is a gay young man with two lesbian moms. Now how did that happen? Cats and dogs will be mating in the streets next! :o

I think you will find there's going to be all kinds crossed orientations among parents and children. Just take a deep breath and chill awhile.

I am totally chill with gays, lesbians, kids, cats, dogs, lesbian cats and gay dogs. I was just trying to be funny, making some fun of the concern trolling about the supposed dangers gays pose to their children. Think about it: 99% of gay people were raised by heterosexuals, and seeing their parents kiss or make out was surely the least of their problems.

I imagine that people who freak out about gay people raising kids[1]would worry that the gay young man raised by lesbians will grow up totally confused, thinking he has to have sex with..... a woman.  ;)

Cats and dogs will be mating in the streets as long as there are streets. It's disgusting. We should ban streets. And they should get a room. >:(
 1. because the kids will catch teh gay, or will be traumatized by seeing their gay parents having gay sex, or will be bullied by idiots (who should be dressed in full drag, tied to comfy chairs and forced to watch Priscilla Queen of the Desert hundreds of times like in Clockwork Orange)
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