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Thanks for that.

I have long had an idea that, as we did with our criminals and Australia, there should be somewhere to ship off the lunatic fringe where they could, to their hearts content, be irrational. Think of it  - an independent theocratic state bounded by sanity - it would seem ideal.

Graybeard, I would be so for that. Like I said in another thread with a similar topic, I'd gladly give up my own home county and city in return for all the biblical literalists, the Teabaggers, the Faux News drones and their ilk moving there and never, ever leaving. Relocating would be nothing next to never having to deal with them again.

I agree.  We will happily take the gays, the environmentalists, racial and ethnic diversity, socialized medicine and feminism off their hands. If they will take Pat Robertson, Alan Keyes, Newt Gingrich, the NRA, the "English Only" gang and the fetus lobby off our hands.

We will keep on using the Theory of Evolution to cure disease, solve crimes and improve crop yields.  They can use Intelligent Design and Christian prayer to cure disease, solve crimes and improve crop yields. We get science and technology. They can have god and Wal-Mart.[1]

Finish the Civil War; they can keep the south. Give safe passage to anyone who wants to leave, and then let them have their White Christian Religo-rama. It will be a hot, humid North Korea, only full of fat narrow-minded inbred people praying to be saved from tornadoes, hurricanes and crime.

We will have our colorful Eco-topia with good medical care, high education levels, rational economic policies, freedom of religion, low crime, and a healthy environment. We get Bill Gates and Harvard. They get Ted Nugent and Branson. Sounds like a wonderful trade to me.

After ten years, which group will be trying to tunnel under the border fence?
 1. And no fair importing researchers and doctors from Hindu India and atheist China when the prayer and ID turn out not to work very well on traumatic brain injury and diabetes.
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