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I have to agree with screwtape here. People don't just suddenly wake up one day and decide to hate the US and go on a "jihad" against the west for no reason. If we don't look at how the Taliban and Al Qaeda and the ISI came about, we will face more of the same in the future. We are creating the future jihadis when we bomb wedding parties, kill children and assassinate anyone we don't like.

We in the US have not had militants charging into our cities and towns, mowing down police, judges and civilians by the hundreds. We have not had terrorists dumping dead bodies into people's yards, or throwing severed heads into high school proms. But Mexico has been suffering this for several years now. Their terrorists are Central American drug gangs hiding out in the US.

If the Mexican military used drones to bomb suspected M13 gang hangouts in the US, many innocent Americans would be killed. But the Mexicans' actions would have far more merit than the US has for bombings in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen.  Nobody from any of those countries has done anything in the US compared to the death and destruction these drug runners have caused in Mexico.

The US has been the biggest bully on the block since the fall of the Soviet Union, but we will not be the #1 superpower forever. If China or Russia started bombing people they suspected of terrorism in the US, you know damn well it would not take very long for Americans to retaliate. 

What goes around comes around. If we can get away with it, why not other countries?
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