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Looks like the "America love it or leave it" crowd are taking their own advice. Silly billies. But they don't need to build anything new! There are lots of libertarian paradises already.

They can move right away to where there is no Obamacare, no food inspection, no liberals whining about animal rights, children's rights, or women's rights, no FAA, IRS or Federal Reserve. You can be totally self-sufficient, there are lots of guns around, government does nothing but run the military, everything decent is from the private sector, and there are no "welfare queens", because there is virtually no welfare system. 

They are called third world countries.

I welcome any of the Glenn Beck fans to move their families to Angola or Haiti or Bangladesh with a dollar in their pockets and the clothes on their backs. Start tugging on them bootstraps! Ready to compete with the locals, libertarian style?  No internet porn to corrupt your children, because no internet! Hope your kids prefer hard manual labor to video games.

If they build it in the US, they are cheating. Most of the infrastructure here was built, maintained, or regulated by the evil government. So they should have to start from scratch, no roads, no sewers, no power grid, no water systems--dams were built by the Corps of Engineers--and of course, no police or fire protection. And no US military.

I predict an exodus the first time their generators run out of gasoline, another when they run out of ammunition, a third when they all get dysentery from contaminated water,  and the last when Glenn lectures them (for the 7 millionth time) about how Obama ruined America.
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