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Am I correct in assuming, Mooby, that you find laws that make abortion illegal to be morally right, regardless of the actual consequences? You do realize that in Romania when abortion was illegal, maternal and child mortality (along with real human suffering) actually increased, when compared to neighboring countries that allowed legal abortion and contraception during the same time period?

I can't help but wonder if you would be able to remain steadfast in your views if you were a low-income Romanian man and your 36 year old wife was pregnant for the 14th time in as many years. She is constantly pregnant from the time you first get married, and with a new infant and several toddlers the two of you can barely keep enough food in the house, let alone clothe and properly care for the growing family.

Of those 9, two babies die of neglect and malnutrition, three babies are, in desperation, left in underfunded orphanages. And that still leaves you with four children to try to raise. With an exhausted wife, sick and old before her years--who may even die trying to give birth to her last child.[1]

If she was an average female of that time and place, she might endure two stillbirths and three miscarriages in order to produce 9 living children. Your family life consists of births and deaths and drudgery.

Then, when your daughters become teenagers, they get to embark on their cycle of endless pregnancies, too, maybe starting as young as 14. Whether they want them and are suited to be parents or not. Who cares about their health, or their education? Who needs a career? Women are just walking incubators anyway, destined by their biology to have short lives defined by constant childbearing, maybe cut even shorter by having too many children too close together.

That is what is so galling about the "choose life" anti-abortion, anti-contraception viewpoint-- people who promote this don't really seem to care much about the amount of actual suffering and death. It is like real human lives on earth don't mean anything as long as the possible fantasy future in heaven is secure. 

Every fertilized egg should be preserved, at all costs, even if that practice results in far more real earthly suffering and death on the part of babies, children and their parents. How is this "choosing life"? :P
 1. Or, who may die trying to not be pregnant yet again.....in order of deadliness to the woman, normal pregnancy is more dangerous than legal abortion. An illegal, unsanitary, possibly self-induced abortion is the deadliest of all.
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