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Most people here have heard my rants on this topic. Briefly, abortion should always be legal and safely available. The alternatives, as evidenced by the many countries that severely restricted abortion, create a world I don't want to live in, and certainly don't want my daughter to live in. This is one situation where we have many, many case studies to examine. See Romania under the pro-natalist communist dictator who outlawed virtually all contraception and abortions.[1]

Similarly we have many Catholic Latin American countries today where it is very hard to get a legal abortion. A year or so ago a young pregnant teen girl died (along with the fetus) in the Dominican Republic because the doctors refused to treat her cancer--  the treatment would have caused an abortion. So we get two deaths instead of one. Nice.

And the rape/incest exceptions just make women who seek abortions because they have voluntary sex, but don't want a baby, into "sluts". Speaking of so-called sluts,[2] any woman who qualifies for that title and who does not want a child should be shown to the front of the abortion clinic line and given one for free. No "slut" should be forced to become a mother. I value children too much to hand babies over to "sluts".
 1. Quoting from the Wikipedia article: Wealthier women were able to obtain contraceptives illegally, or bribed doctors to give diagnoses which made abortion possible. Especially among the less educated and poorer women there were many unwanted pregnancies. These women could only utilize primitive methods of abortion, which led to infection, sterility or even their own death. The mortality among pregnant women became the highest of Europe during the reign of Ceau?escu. While the childbed mortality rate kept declining over the years in neighboring countries, in Romania it increased to more than ten times of that of its neighbors.

Many children born in this period became malnourished, were severely physically handicapped, or ended up in care under grievous conditions, which led to a rise in child mortality.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decree_770
 2. ie those loose, promiscuous, drunken, partying, thoughtless, abortion-loving women of the conservative stereotype
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