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I appreciate your clarification altho I Don't see the "biblegod rape" as a true rape as we know it today..Mourdock would never view Mary's conception as rape to him it was immaculate conception.

Immaculate conception does not refer to how Jesus was made. It refers to the idea that Mary herself was conceived immaculately. That is, she was the only human born without original sin and therefore worthy of giving birth to Jesus. So it means that she was perfect. At least that is the Catholic doctrine. I am not sure if they think her parents never did the nasty and she just popped out and started singing Ave Maria one day, or what.

And besides all that, god could not have raped Mary. Because rape is wrong and a crime. God can do no wrong. To paraphrase Richard Nixon, if god does it, it is not illegal. If you think that god did something wrong, it is only because you can't see the larger picture. Like the fact that 2000 years later,  entire cities in China would have economies based on manufacturing ceramic statues of the not-raped Mary Mother of Jesus to be sold in gift shoppes all over Latin America.

Begs a whole lotta questions, like: How did god decide that Mary was the lucky winner of the magic anti-Adam and Eve-special god ray? You can imagine how her sisters felt. Like Jan and Cindy Brady-- always Marcia, Marcia, The Virgin Marcia.

And the whole virgin thing was a mistranslation anyway. Mary was just supposed to be some young woman, not a virgin. She could have been the ultimate town bad girl-- since she had no original sin she would have to make up all new ones.

If god could take the original sin off of Mary, why not just take it off of everyone and avoid the entire Jesus-torture-crucifixion-rebirth go forth and preach and gain heaven or hell rigamarole?

And if Mary statues are made by atheist Buddhist communists, can they still heal people's Shrinking Penis Syndrome and Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Disorder?

And doesn't the Lady Gaga song take on new meaning if "born this way" applied to Immaculate conception?
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