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Sexual selection may also come into play.  Not all traits are strictly beneficial in the sense you are thinking of.  Case in point: peacocks.  Those big, beautiful tail feathers are great for attracting peahens, but horrible for avoiding predators. 

Yeah, that's what i was thinking. Perhaps our mutated hairless predecessors were instantly more attractive to the opposite sex, and everyone wanted to mate with them.
As a member of a pretty hairless ethnic group, I second this emotion. I never saw really hairy people until I went to college, and boy what a shock. Humans with hair.... on their backs?  :o

Since I am married to a hairy white person, I obviously got over my initial surprise. ;)

But...How did hair-covered lipless white people ever decide that smooth shiny black people were the ones somehow closer to hair-covered lipless apes? :?
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