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^^^Exactly. God gets away with crap explanations that no night-time infomercial would try.

There is this incredible product that cures everything but is invisible and undetectable by any human measure. We have no photo or any other concrete evidence of the product (trust us, it really does exist because we say it does), the claims of the commercial are fantastic and nonsensical (you will lose 100 lbs in one night if you rub the product on your feet and then chant this magic word while standing on your head) and you would have no idea if you ever got the invisible  product (again, you have to keep on trusting us, if you stop believing in the product, well then you really won't ever get it).

Would anyone click on the "buy now" button? Is is amazing that so many people believe in gods when none of them would fall for a scam as lame as that under any other circumstances.
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