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High arrest and imprisonment rates of a population do not mean that the population is some lessor variety of humanity, just naturally inclined to be dangerous. Or else we have to agree that the countries with the highest percentages of people arrested, imprisoned, and executed have reasonable laws, perfectly fair justice systems, where everyone has the same opportunities, but just have a whole lot of really bad people.

Funny how countries like Iran, Afghanistan, China, Former Soviet Union and apartheid era South Africa fit the category of very high arrest, imprisonment and execution rates. And of course are characterized by reasonable laws, fair justice systems and equal opportunities for all. Just a lot of really bad people, I guess.

Or maybe a lot of injustice, a lot of non-violent social behavior[1] considered criminal, and a lot of surveillance of the population. Like, maybe a lot of social problems are ignored or made worse by the government? And police are used more to control and oppress the population and less to prevent crime or to catch dangerous people?

And people in Japan, Sweden and France have the same exact kind of laws and justice systems, but are just a lot of happy campers, naturally able to resist the criminal impulse to read banned materials, practice the wrong religions, have sex or leave the house.
 1. like sex between consenting adults, practicing the wrong or no religion, reading anti-government political material, or leaving the house while female, or without the proper documents
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